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--- Solid Points Family ---


Founder and leader of Solid Points, godfather of the SOPO Family. Works together with the Staff quarters to ensure that the crew is going in the right direction and everyone has a good experience. He has the final decision and responsibility in all matters involving the crew.



High-ranked officials who have a great reputation within the Family. The Commission deals with vital crew decisions such as promotions and removals, and its members know how to handle difficult situations. They support all other quarters and are able to substitute any Staff rank below them. Additionally, they guide members who join one of the Staff quarters.

Second-highest position within the Family. The Underboss looks after the stability within Solid Points and is considered boss when the Don is not around. He defuses tense situations whenever necessary and assigns other members to tasks for which he has insufficient time.

Advisor to the Family and expert in criminal matters. Having tons of experience in organized crime, our Consigliere recognizes potential opportunities and difficulties. He has an eye for finding weaknesses within our crew to make them better.

Executive within the Commission, running affairs that are relevant to management. After successful periods within both the Admission and Enterprise quarters, our Delegato has an accurate sense of what is good for the Family. He assists in overseeing the Society and helps out any member who runs into issues.


Staff members who handle everything related to hiring and instructing new blood. The Admission accepts new Fellows into the Society, and leads their training to full membership. They basically decide which new members get to join and stay.

Caporegime Admission
Chief of Admission. His broad experience put him in charge of both the recruitment and training processes of new members. The Capo of Admission also guides Cousins who are joining his quarter.


Veteran instructor. Has a lot of knowledge in recruiting new members and guiding them into the ranks. Even the most difficult Recruits are no problem for him. Plays an important part in the initiation of new Associates, and assists his Capo in making tough choices.


Trustworthy member of the Admission, who understands the whole recruitment and training processes. He is able to recognise new Fellows by himself and acts as their mentor whenever this is needed.


The quarter in which our schemes are being plotted. Members here plan events that are fun, thrilling or enjoyable in any other way. Enterprise makes sure that there are many things to do every week. Think about playlists, tournaments, car meets and more.

Caporegime 'E'
Chief of Enterprise. He coordinates the planning of events and has great experience in this himself. In addition, he instructs any Cousin that joins his quarter, and is responsible for promotion/demotion within it.


Expert in organising events. He knows exactly what the Family needs and comes up with quality ideas. Whenever one of his partners suddenly has important matters to attend, the Facilitator is capable of backing him up.

Member of Enterprise who delivers qualified Solid Points events. After successful training, the Racketeer is free to plot whatever he considers suitable for the crew. Nonetheless there is good communication between him and all the others within Enterprise.



Whenever someone aspires to improve the crew, they join the Entrance. Here they can prove their worth, for a spot in one of the Staff quarters. With sufficient assistance and guidance they quickly learn the ropes, and from here they can choose to join either Enterprise or Admission.

Beginning Staff member with primary permissions. After a successful trial as Earner, the Cousin explores the Staff quarter of his choice. At this point, he will be connected with one of the Capos, who teaches him the tricks of his quarter. The Cousin needs to successfully complete a test, before he will be promoted to either Racketeer or Wiseguy.

Canin01, KAIDOUdib, AltSurvivor

Having stood by the crew for a while, the Earner wants to contribute to the improvement of Solid Points. He learns the differences between our Staff quarters, and gets to understand that a Staff member is an example to everyone else. Once he has the knowledge, the Earner is asked to choose between Enterprise and Admission. He is then promoted to Cousin and starts the path of becoming a full Staff member.


The 'inner circle', which we call the Family, starts at our Association. Every member here is a fine example of loyalty, cooperation and finesse. They consider their peers as brothers and sisters, and are always willing to fight for another. Associates have full access to Family Jobs.

Top-ranked and most dedicated member of the Association. Has been part of the Family for a long time and carries a proper reputation. The Soldato is the experienced paragon that most members strive to be. He has certain extra permissions that allow him to choose first, take point and decide tactics.

Skilled and notably active within the Family. The Hitman frequently engages in jobs and has a good tactical intuition. He knows what to do during rival encounters and prefers to take the silent approach. While considered a lone wolf out in the field, his focus is to benefit the Family.


Gun Slinger
This rank is earned by excelling in the Family-exclusive events and regular activities. The Gun Slinger actively approaches targets and usually enters through the front door. Thanks to his heavy combat experience he is a renowned triggerman.

The outfitted bodyguard of the Family. Any enemy that wishes to get close to our inner circle, needs to pass our Bruiser first. He makes sure to offer the required protection during contracts and other business.



--- Solid Points Society ---


Regular crew members of Solid Points. Those who are tired of doing the impossible: teaming up with randoms. They have chosen to pursue cooperation in a stable organisation. Fellows often work together with members of the Family.

Most dedicated rank of the Fellows. This member has been a part of Solid Points for quite some time and carries a decent reputation. His skills are above average. Even though an Accomplice is an honorary rank, he tends to help out other crew members when needed. Anyone who wishes to join the Family, becomes a trusted Accomplice first.

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Active member who often engages in crew activities. He has been around for a while and knows how to make use of the things he has learned. The Hustler can be frequently found on Teamspeak and in events. This is also an honorary rank, so there are no further responsibilities for this member.

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Regular full member of SOPO, who is deemed crew-worthy after successfully finishing his introduction period as a Recruit. This rank forms the core of the Fellows. The Muscle has a good understanding of what is expected of him when doing business with teammates.

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Newest member who recently got accepted into Solid Points. After having played in the crew for a while, the Recruit will be given an introduction, in which he is welcomed and learns how to not be a 'random'. The duration of this rank depends on how active and dedicated he is. If this period is successful, Muscle rank will be attained.

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--- Extra Ranks ---


Additional ranks that members can have on top of their existing rank.

Financial supporter of Solid Points. This member donated to our Teamspeak server or website, or gifted something else to the community. Thanks to him, everyone is able to enjoy voice communication all across the globe without any lag, as well as a great website with lots of features.

Crabdancespew, Ehsassin, Derpstorms, Fulkinini, SnipyTheTurtle, Asmiree, VictorViolet, UncleDouk, KatRavens, WIELJW, AndroidJazz, CelixTheFat, samxzero, DrGer0, Smokypace14, KnivesChaus, Rasczak1959, VeeQue777, jrock15, CherokeeBullfrog, PBartsPopTarts

Administrator of the crew funds. Everything brought in by our Bribers, as well as all other income that's used for the improvement of our crew, is entrusted to this person. He makes sure that everything is spent accordingly.


Voice of the crew. The Correspondent manages our public relations and makes sure that the outside world knows about Solid Points. His cutting edge journalism and insightful reports make sure that both members and non-members understand why everyone wants to be a SOPO member.


* Male words like 'he' and 'him' are used out of convenience.