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SOPO Family

Welcome to the SOPO Family, the mafia-themed inner circle of Solid Points.

The Family consists of our most trusted and skilled members. Joining the Family is optional, and will give you full access to exclusive mafia events. During these exclusive events your rank determines which special roles, vehicles and weapon loadouts you can choose from. Family members consider their peers as brothers and sisters, and are always willing to fight for each other. Visit our ranks page to view the different positions within our crew.


Any member willing to join the Family, is required to follow our Values. These are in addition to our regular rules.

1. Represent the Family as a whole; don't act in any way the Family wouldn't act.
2. Help other Family members out no matter what; unity makes us strong.
3. Be able to communicate (microphone) and behave maturely (aged 16+, exceptions can be made).
4. Accept the hierarchy of the ranks above you.
5. Don't look down on any rank below you.
6. Be loyal to the Family, never work for other organizations.
7. Honor the privacy and secrecy of Family details.
8. Recognize our unique styles, don't copy each other's appearances.
9. Appointments must always be upheld.
10. Joining the Family is an option, following our values is not.


Solid Points Family uses a secret HQ as its base of operations.

This is a tactical, defensive position with a huge interior, located somewhere around the city. We use this location for meetings, special Family events and more. The location will be revealed to those who are initiated into the Family.

Cars + Clothing

  • Members of the Entrance and Association will be able to choose from two car options, based on their rank. They also have a designated 'top' clothing piece, as pictured below. Each full member of the Staff will get the chance to choose a completely unique car and outfit.
  • These cars and outfits are for Family events only, so whenever not 'in story' you can obviously do whatever you want. The cars and outfits can be tweaked in any way, as long as it stays in line with the 'mafia'-theme.

↘️ click below to see the cars and outfits ↙️
Full Staff:


Caporegime Admission



Caporegime Enterprise


Entrance Staff:


Car: F620/Cavalcade
Male clothing: Business Casual - The Collector
Female clothing: Lowriders Classics - The Liberty


Car: Schwartzer/Serrano
Male clothing: Business Casual - The Mogul
Female clothing: The Consultant



Car: Felon/Rocoto
Male clothing: Suit Jackets - Black Scruffy Jacket + Suit Vests - Lobster Suit Vest
Female clothing: Leather Jackets - Red Deep Belted Jacket


Car: Jackal/Gresley
Male clothing: Sweaters - Red Turtleneck
Female clothing: Overcoats - Black Cashmere Coat + Business Shirts - Red Blazer Shirt

Gun Slinger:

Car: Oracle XS/FQ2
Male clothing: Shirts - Burgundy Tucked
Female clothing: Work Shirts - Red Bold Check


Car: Fugitive/Rancher XL
Male clothing: Leather Jackets - Red Leather Jacket
Female clothing: Leather Jackets - Crimson Cropped Biker

How to join the Family

To become a part of the growing SOPO Family, you will need to meet the following requirements:

1. Follow the Family Values.
2. Be an Accomplice in rank.
3. You will be asked to join us.

Once accepted, you will be promoted to Bruiser. After this, you can decide to try for one of the other three Association ranks (Gun Slinger, Hitman and Soldato), and even for a Staff position.