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New Announcements

Fulkinini / Jan 25, 2018
Important announcements!

1) The ranks system has changed.
Please take a minute to check out the new graph and read the rank descriptions.

2) We're looking for assistance in keeping the crew running.
Do you enjoy playing in Solid Points and want to do something in return?
Click here to read more.

3) Every month we need to pay €22 for our TeamSpeak server and website.
To keep that going, and to have prizes in events, we depend on donations.
Click here if you want to help us out.

Thanks for your time.


KuroReaper awesome! :D
Thanks so much for the promotion. :)
Also congrats to Kat, Parseccc, Alt and Douk. :)

Fulk should take like a week (or more) off to relax, considering he has been working so hard to get everything ready. Looks so awesome! :D
Some member ranks have changed.

- Kat has been promoted to Underboss (second-in-command) and Parsec promoted to Capo of the Admission.

- Kuro was promoted to Hitman for streaming to Twitch. Alt and Douk received an Architect badge on top of their ranks, for creating custom maps in GTA.

- The old Hustler rank and Association ranks have been removed. The SOPO Family still exists of course, but as a more secretive group now.
Congrats to Kuro for the promotion, and to Alt and Douk for the badge :-)

EDIT: Whoops i missread the first part, also congrats to Kat and Parsec for the promotion :-D
Gratz to Parseccc and Kuro, both very well deserved.

The new ranks look awesome, thanks again for all the hard work that you put into these things Fulk. Its always appreciated.
Grats on the promotions people! Well deserved! :)

Love the look of the new ranks, kudo's for the job Fulk!
Should be a lot easier for people to figure out in what way they want to help the crew.
Congrats Alt and Douk, I still need to make it to one of your events to try out these maps 😂

Congrats Kat and Pars well deserved, definitely much time and effort spent on applications.

Congrats Kuro, everyone can enjoy more streams now!
Congrats Kuro and Parsec ! All of that is well deserved :)

And congrats Fulk, that's a neat organisation and way clearer than the old one :)

@Atlas we're no longer cousin, I'll kill you without regrets now
Cool, the new rank system looks very comprehensive. Congrats on the promotions everyone :)
Right when I managed to learn all the ranks, they changed 😩

Jokes aside, awesome job Fulk and congrats for the promotions guys, you dedicate quite some time to the crew, well deserved!!! 😀
Congrats to you all :)

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