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SOPOlympics Debriefing

Fulkinini / Sep 26, 2017
Hello brothers and sisters, the mentally retarded and just weird fuckers. As you know we did our fist SOPO twitch stream last wednesday, 20th September .

We started the event with a Car Meetup.
Everyone had a chance to show off a vehicle that, in their mind represented the crew. We all checked them out and chose our favorites.. The winners were KatRavens and Prespection who got the exact same number of votes...

Next we moved on to the Grenade Boogie.
The point of this round was to kill each other with, you guessed it, grenades. Two players went in and only one came out, with serious damage to their hearing, but at least alive. One by one people came out but at the end the winner was UncleDouk, who, when being told of his win, was reported of saying „WHAT?”

On to the Suicide Basejumping.
A round where we found out who has destroyed more aircrafts. Three rounds of harder and harder landings, where at the end the shittiest person at killing themselves was KAIDOUdib. Congratz you glorious bastard.

Now, everyones favorite, mindless mass murder. Or in other words, the Battle Royale round.
We went to the desert to do what we like the most. In the end only UncleDouk survived, again.

To calm our nerves we went after the man himself. What else feels better than killing the Don.
In Kill Fulk we went into Fulks favorite bar with no explosives, no miniguns, only normal weapons to put a stop Fulks raging alcoholism. After trying and trying, finally KatRavens managed to take Fulk down.

Next in line was the Train Schuffle.
The objective.... fisting... no... fist fighting. This is where i jumped off the chopper too soon and got stuck, the game crashed and i fucked off to leave others to do the fighting. KAIDOUdib was the man who was the best with his fists.

Pidgeon Shooting
had the objective of shooting beautiful, little, innocent stickybombs from the air.
As it seemed at first everyone sucks at shooting things from the air. News that made some pidgeons very happy. Until they saw D_Vargas2 shoot the damn bomb.

The last event of the evening was Fast Draw. Unfortunately noone brought pencils and paper. So we went the more violent route. Two men, back to back. When the first grenade exploded it was time to start walking. When the next one exploded the first thing they had to do was not piss themselves... the second... to kill the other fucker.. The best at murder in this round was D_Vargas2.

But luckily for Prespection, Fulk was keeping count of the points and won the 15€ prize.
KAIDOUdib was the second place and got a 5€ prize, which he generously gave away to D_Vargas2

Overall the stream went well. We started with only 16 followers and 342 views and finished with 52 followers and 470 views. For the very first stream i would say it´s a success..


KnivesChaus – for mugging the last of my fucking money.
D_Vargas2 – for fucking around and killing people.

Though it might seem funny and sometimes it is. There is a time and a place for everything. And i would like to ask of you to follow the rules. Otherwise you will be removed from the event and end up on the next shitlist.
Thank you

By Assmonk


Check out some short clips we captured of the event:

They take less than 30 seconds :) to watch the full stream click on the videos tab.
Nice work Assmonk :)
Nice read M0nk, keep it up!
A sporting read.

(I'll edit this pun later when I'm awake properly)
Good report! Nice work! 👏
nice one
Nice one! Twitch is also awesome for watching reruns of events I've missed due to work. It's great!
I'm sorry I'm late, good work
Very nice!! Had a fun time reading it 😀

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