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SOPO on Twitch !!

Fulkinini / Sep 17, 2017
Noticed that shiny new purple button on the right side of the website? That's right, Solid Points can be found on Twitch now! :)

We've already done two test runs: the Chivalry and Insurgency nights. Coming Monday at the stunt racing event we'll do a last test run. And then we'll be...

LIVE on 20 September 2017

With our first official stream!

We'll be streaming the SOPOlympics 2017, an event with a lot of great challenges based on having fun. Should be the perfect opportunity for our first crew stream, so be sure to join in!

For now it's only me, Fulk, who's streaming, but soon others will be streaming for the crew as well. For example ImSoEz who will stream the upcoming Deathmatch/TDM tournament, and Rosso who also has a few plans ready.

Stay tuned, and be sure to make a Twitch account to follow us there! It's always fun to watch some crew streams to see what the crew is up to :)



Nice! That should be cool!
Awesome. Should be a blast!
how rude lol i have not been ask a part time streaming in my own right lol good luck with the channel guys
*Just a reminder about this!*
Just a reminder to everyone that is attending, or wanting to attend the event, to please read the event itinerary. Certain items are required, and there are some rules that need to be followed. Since this will be a stream, the less time the event staff have to spend explaining things, the smoother everything will run.
Made a slight change in the shopping list. Combat pistol instead of the regular pistol, to avoid everyone needing to switch back from MK II.

Shopping List

Make sure you purchase the following items to ensure you're able to participate in all disciplines.

1) Combat Pistol ($3,200)
2) Heavy Revolver ($5,400)
3) Grenades ($250 each)
4) Any car/motorcycle for the car meet ($2,000+)
good luck tonight with the stream hope it goes well and under channel setting on twitch be sure to make sure that you set Archive Broadcasts under channel and videos then it will save the stream to your twitch channel as well mean you can make highlights from it and save it to keep on there as a show case
Just wanted to bring this one up in the 'latest activities' again ;)

Be sure to tell all your (gaming) friends, brothers, sisters, mothers and grandmothers about our Twitch channel! Let's give that channel a boost and get a few more followers than the 66 we have now.

Thanks and see you around 😎

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