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Treasurer Report 14 September 2017

Fulkinini / Sep 14, 2017
Last month, I (Fulk) also had to write a Treasurer report, because Bruce had been complaining that life was hard on him at that time. Now I am the Treasurer myself 😆 (the crew also has a new PayPal account in case you don't read your PMs).

Aaanyway, onto the donations! A lot of time has passed meanwhile, so we got a good list of Samaritans again:

r0ss021 - $12,50 --- About a month ago already, but thanks for the support, Rosso! Now that he's a full Staff member, he has learned of the desperate financial situation our crew is in, so that probably triggered him into donating. Also a shout-out to the great job he's doing within the Admission nowadays.

KnivesChaus - $20,- -- Knives was promoted to Muscle a few weeks ago, and has been a regular on TS ever since - always helping others out. Instead of handing over the bet money to Assmonk for annihilating him, he is helping the crew pay its bills!

Rasczak1959 - $26,50 -- The silent investor, who has donated for exactly one month of TeamSpeak and one month of 'website'. Greatly appreciated, Jason, awesome donation. But we still don't know which country you're from! 😋

VeeQue777 - $10,- -- Haven't seen VQ for a while now, hope he's doing okay! He sent us a donation about two weeks ago, and ever since I haven't seen him :) Probably just busy with his IT work and drinking vodka. Thanks for the donation bruvski.

VictorViolet - $12,50 -- Does his wife know about this? Will it scare him off if we tell him this is his 5th donation already? This guy has been responsible for several event prizes and/or extensions of our monthly subscriptions by now. Give the man a cup of tea!

*converted to euros since Bruce his transfer*

UncleDouk - €11,85 -- Our very own pet cowboy. Do you know this guy doesn't even take off his cowboy hats during Family events? While he was shooting up some tourists on vacation he sent us a message on how he "couldn't stop the grind", with some money attached. Thanks! Now start learning how to play Chiv like a man, you filthy archer! 😆

Fulkinini - €13,37 -- Because I had some cash on my old personal PayPal account, I decided to give the new account a boost when transferring 👌


Nice one! Shall we start calling you "xXxgta.moneyhax+rp4uxXx" now? :P
More like xXXCrazyDutchHackerXXx :P sorry couldnt help myself

Knives... we kill each other so much that it even makes it into a fucking treasurer report.... damn... also.... feel free to send me money :D
I just want to play out my Legolas fantasy Fulk! Leave me alone and go chop up some other guys while I snipe you all from afar. D:

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