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In the Crosshairs - VictorViolet!

VictorViolet / Sep 13, 2017

As some of you, well, most of you probably know, our Correspondent in this crew is a man named VictorViolet (might not be his birth name). If he is not on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pornhub, Instagram,(or drunk) he is playing the game and helping anyone who asks for it. All that while also making us, or at least me, laugh like a retarded seal. Just to get to know the man who has to waste half, if not most of his time promoting us, instead of playing the damn game, here is an interview with the man himself.

Assm0nk: How long have you been in this crew so far and how did you find it?

VictorViolet: I've been in the crew since mid-April 2017, having played the game for an insufferable two weeks of selling cars to Simeon and attempting to communicate with The Random And His Nefarious Fellows. The crew sort of found me, I initially started my own crew because I often suffer from delusions of grandeur. After about 24 hours I re-thought the idea and went on Fulk invited me to apply and there I was!

AM: How did you end up having the responsibility of representing the whole crew online?

VV: It started with a conversation I had with Fulk about social media presence, as I noticed that we were very active in GTA specific mediums but not on regular social media. I was very new then and so I was given the task of providing moderation and content for the Steam Group, as kind of a trial basis. That's when the interviews and so on started. The rank of correspondent was made for me as I needed regular contact with Staff and also some form of official capacity so everything we did externally was consistent. I then created the social media platforms representing SOPO as VictorViolet. That grew slowly and surely thanks to the amount of image and video content we produce. As we gained awareness on The Big Three (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) we decided to grow "the brand" of Solid Points more and so now I focus entirely on our external image.

AM: As much as you can say, what does your job actually require? Time? Nerves?

VV: Organisation really. Managing three social media platforms isn;t quite as hard as it sounds but it does require you to be constantly ahead of the game. I organise most of our posts the day before but a lot of it still needs to be done manually, as well as dealing with replies. Time-wise that depends. Thankfully Fulk is a keen snapper so I rarely run out of new material, I also make my own R* Editor images too. We have promotions for hitting certain follower marks, I also cross-promote across all channels. I currently manage Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr (very low priority) and try to keep an eye on certain trends, gather follower and general GTA data. I also make a point of maintaining contact with both our current followers and other "social media influencers" such as sexy Twitch streamers, cosplayers and.........wait.....sorry mind started to wander then. I'm happily married.

AM: How much do you, and other Family members, actually have a chance to enjoy the game, or are you usually dealing with managing the crew?

VV: I'm lucky because I work from home and therefore can manage the social media content whilst I'm working. I have recently been recruited into Admissions tho so that is likely to change somewhat. It really depends on your level of responsibility both in game and out. Staff membership is voluntary and expectations are managed very well during the introductory phase, with an emphasis on not letting it "take over your life" so I feel comfortable with the balance I have between my duties and my enjoyment of the game. I can't speak on behalf of other staff but, as we all are aware now, the only time effort is truly wasted, is when it's ignored, so the reward is in the outcome as much as it is within the responsibility.

AM: How many new Recruits do you estimate you have brought into the crew personaly?

VV: Personally it's hard to tell as I don't get mentioned by name very often in the application process, although I do maintain our presence on Reddit which forms a sizeable portion of our recruitment. Fulk and I also both manage GTAVCrews which is another rich source of applicants. Finally we have Steam, which is also an area I cover. I'd probably say a conservative estimate of Recruits that have joined due to my role as external correspondent would be 30-50 but it's hard to tell; I'm the medium rather than the creator though so I don't like to take full credit for any Recruits we have as a result of that content.

AM: Are you a long time fan of GTA? If so then where did you start?

VV: I owned the first two top-down GTA games on the PC, and loved them (less so in GTA2 but that game went in a bit of a strange direction). I skipped GTAIII as I didn't have a PS2 at the time and I was too busy trying to get laid as much as possible (just started college) to think about it. When I did get PS2 I bought Vice City and fell in love with it, to the point where I knew the boroughs of Vice City better than the town I was born in. That passion was crystalised with San Andreas, which I playe to death on both PS2 and then PC having joined #pcmasterrace. I couldn't successfully get a cracked copy of GTAIV working (I've gone legit since) but also was a little put off by the direction they took and so took my leave of the GTA series. I got drunk one ay in April and took the plunge of buyng GTAV for the story mode. I then thought after spending about 10 hours in SP to see what the fuss was about in GTA Online. Never looked back.

AM: What is the absolute funniest thing that you remember doing with this crew? Who was involved and what happened?

VV: That would have to be the trial run of The Holympics - 100m Sprint. Basically Rus used his concerningly thorough knowledge of Los Santos' prostitutes to allow to players to grab a ho and take her to the Del Pierro bridge. We blocked one end with buses, released the hos and then fired in the air to signify the start. My role was to watch the finish line, which was passed by Shanice (LS Ho #1223-B) to a shower of fireworks and roars of laughter. Good times.

AM: What is the most important thing in the crew for you personally?

VV: The sense of community and camaraderie. I work from home due to mental health problems (shouldn't be a surprise to most of you by now ;) ) and so Solid Points is a very positive environment for me whereby I can be useful, helpful and productive and enjoy a game with people who, despite what they'll publicly admit, clearly do care about each other. I think we've got a wonderful thing going here, which is why I suggested the Social Media campaign to show the world that the GTAO community isn't as horible as the Lone Wolves of San Andreas might think.

AM: What is the one thing you would change in the crew? Besides having more power to yourself of course?

VV: To be honest, power doesn't concern me at all. Authority is something that I enjoy; not because it feels powerful but because it means I can help make a difference should problems arise. In terms of what I would like to change about the crew, I'd personally like to see more members showing an interest in becoming Staff members; part of the reason that you generally see less of staff members is because they are usually too busy to play and so the more staff member we have, the lighter the weight of that duty will become.

AM: If you were not a Correspondent, what job would you like to have in the Family?

VV: Probably the receptionist. I'm good at talking shit at people to the point where they become disinterested so it would help keep The Family from being bothered by members of the public, so we can continue with our......endeavours.

AM: Have you got any recommendations for new Recruits, who don´t really know what to do or what´s expected of them?

VV: Get involved with the crew in game and out. We're an organised community of gamers who have a ranking system in place to enhance and take the game beyond its inherent features. We accept that members who are new to the game will see the shiny things that other members have and we know that getting the funds together for your own in game priorities are important. All we ask is that Recruits see beyond their own horizon and get involved with the community spirit through communication. involvement and acceptance of our rules and, as importantly, our attitude.

Yes, yes... i know some of these words....

Thank you Victor for the answers and any help. Also a big thank you to Fulk and RusATiLa for your feedback. For anyone reading, if there´s a new crew member that you absolutely loathe, you can always blame Victor.

Hope to see everyone soon in game and talking shit on TS.




Ha! I got there first!
Gratz on your first interview m0nk, very well written and you had the perfect guest. Hope to see more of this caliber.
haha awesome read :) Nice work guys :)
Good interview and a good read :)

The most sense i've seen from you yet Assm0nk 😂😂
thanks... i do have better days :D
Well done assmonk!

At first, when I read the title, I was like "- WTF, Did Vic interviewed himself??" lol

Very well done, both Assm0nk and Vic!!
Yep, good questions to ask. Interesting for everyone to see the world from the perspective of the lunatic himself ;)
Nice one! That was a great read! :)

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