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Events are a large part of our community, and our event staff always strive to ensure that they are fun and interesting. However, keeping everything running smoothly so that everyone can enjoy these events to the fullest potential is no small task. Especially when there are 15-20+ people participating.

So during events there are some guidelines that should be followed that will help ensure that everyone is able to have fun, and that there are no unnecessary disruptions that can cause the event to either become unpleasant or even come to a complete halt.

Most of the disruptive influences that occur during an event may seem like minor actions, and generally they are. However, when the event organizer is trying to keep everything flowing smoothly, event the smallest disruption can cause a snowball effect. Although it is very easy to get lost in the excitement of the moment, it is always best to try keep a level head and be aware of how your actions affect those around you, and therefor the fluidity of the event as a whole.

The next list of items are general disruptive behavior, and repeat offenders will get a warning, as in one warning. After which, they will be removed from event. Constant repeat offenders over multiple events will likely mean removal from the crew for that person.

  • Know the event:
  • Before you event get started, if you intend on joining an event, even if its last minute. Check the events page. Make sure you have the vehicle and outfit required (If one is required), and know where the crew is meeting up. Every event is meticulously planned well in advance, and all the information pertaining to the event is posted on its event page. Taking two minutes to check the event page will save a lot of time either aimlessly driving around, or having the crew wait on you to find the right vehicle and or outfit. It is also preferable that you read what will be done in the event. Although the event organizer will be explaining things, knowing beforehand does help.
  • Organizer priority:
  • The most important item on this list, to the point that its actually listed in the crew rules, is that you should always listen to the event organizer, and not to talk over them or interrupt them. The organizer of the event will often give out important information about what is supposed to happen next. If you or anyone else is being loud or disruptive, then other members will miss this information, and it will force the organizer to repeat themselves, which will unnecessarily delay and lengthen the event.
  • Cops:
  • This is a large problem in events, the cops in GTA don't have the best AI packages, and often cause more chaos than what they are trying to prevent. Getting cops does happen, and many times by mistake, however, if you do get cops, either call Lester, or kill yourself as soon as possible to ensure they do not disrupt the event. Trying to lure them away seldom works, so its best to not even attempt this.
  • Player kills:
  • Killing another player is strictly forbidden, unless of course designated as part of the event by the event organizer. The odd punch on another player does happen sometimes, but it takes more than that to kill someone. Often kills are usually the result of gun fire, which is a breach of the below, and it will more than often bring the cops around, which is another breach. Therefore people responsible for a players death will often be in breach of multiple offences, and will be asked to explain themselves. Those without a very good explanation will be removed from the event.
  • Guns:
  • Brandishing your favorite weapon is one thing, since its nice to show your favorite weapon skin or type off. However, firing off flares, fireworks, rockets, or indeed any weapon will likely bring the cops down on you, or possibly kill another member. and as stated above, this is not allowed.
  • Vehicle damage:
  • Many of our events involve some form of vehicle meet. During these, everyone wants, and has the right, to show off their vehicle in pristine condition. Extra care should be taken when bringing your car into the meet area as to not bump or smash over players vehicles. Accidents do happen, but if a player is constantly careless, they may be removed from the event, and possibly barred from attending further vehicles meets.
  • Impromptu racing:
  • Many of the above mentioned vehicle meets have impromptu races held, during these races, a waypoint is placed in the game world. This waypoint shows up to all participants until the race is "won" in which case it disappears. As a rule, we ask that noone hits this waypoint until all members have arrived at the waypoint. This is to ensure that the GPS stays active so that everyone is able to arrive at the designated place. During the race, "gentleman" rules will apply. This is to say, that there should be no intentional contact between player vehicles, and everyone should do their best to prevent contact.

We always encourage fun, and staff will always use discretion when one of the above disruptions do pop up. We do not expect events to be work or part of the grind. However, a certain degree of discipline is always required in large groups.

As always, if you have any queries or comments, please contact a staff member, either on Team Speak, or via the web Private Message system.
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