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Communication is a large part of our community, and it one of the things we encourage so much so that its one of our crew rules. Good communication can mean the difference between passing or failing a mission, and can even prevent a simple comment creating enemies for life.

Many times our Team Speak channel is very busy, and sometimes even full to capacity. So when you are in a busy room, full of people, there has to be some form of etiquette that needs to be followed in order to make sure that everyone is heard, and that no one feels the need to track you down and shove your mic somewhere unpleasant.

Mostly it will be down to good manners that will keep everyone happy, but there are also some very basic things that will help reduce annoyances.

  • Echo: One of the most common annoyances is echo, or feedback. This is when someone is broadcasting the voice communication back in to the channel, causing everyone to hear themselves and others twice. The most common cause of this is having your chat set to voice activation, and having your microphone too sensitive, or your volume too loud. We usually recommend people use Push to Talk (PTT) as this will usually eliminate this issue. If you do insist on using voice activation, test and make sure you are not causing echo, and adjust your settings accordingly.
  • Background broadcast: This is very similar to echo, but instead of hearing everyone in the channel, we can hear everyone in your neighborhood. We understand that life does go on around us, and we don’t mind if there is some form of background noise while you talk. But we don’t want to constantly hear your neighbor doing his DIY on a Saturday morning. Fixing this will be the same steps as for Echo.
  • 3rd party broadcast: Sometimes, in the right context, broadcasting a song snip, or soundbite can be humorous and get a laugh. Use them sparingly though, continuously doing so can get irritating very quickly. Especially since most of these sounds are situational and usually irritating on purpose. Often repeat offenders will be removed from the channel by staff or have a global mute placed on them.
  • General manners: Although this should really be a given, I will touch on some of the more common annoyances that tend to happen in Team Speak. Also note that repeat offenders will also likely be removed or muted.
  • Shouting: Everyone gets excited in the heat of the moment, but do try keep a calm voice as much as possible when in a channel.
  • Annoying noises: These are treated the same as 3rd party broadcasts.
  • Talking out of turn: If you are in a channel with people that are doing specific coordinated tasks, and you are not taking part, respect their use of the channel.
  • Dominating the channel: Give others a turn to speak, everyone wants, and has the right, to be heard. It is rude to dominate the channel and not allow others equal time to talk.
  • Event Priority: During an event, the event organizer has priority speech. Always. So when the organizer is attempting to explain something, do not talk over him, or do any of the above stated annoyances, as this will likely delay the event, or cause some members to not get important information regarding the event. Repeat offenders will be removed not only from the channel, but the event as well.
  • Live Stream: Our live stream channel will be held to a higher standard as far as conduct is concerned. Since all voice communications are broadcast along with the gameplay, we are not only subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth by stream service, but it’s also a viewing window to literally the world to us as a crew.
    We will require that all members that join the live stream channel conduct themselves with dignity at all times, and keep foul language as well as the additional points mentioned above to an absolute minimum.
    We don’t expect people to be 100% politically correct, but hate speech (be it racist, anti-Semitic or any prejudicial comments) will not be tolerated in the live stream channel, as it is against the ToS of the stream service, and could lead to the channel being terminated. Offenders will be removed promptly, and without warning by staff.

We always encourage fun, and staff will always use discretion when one of the above annoyances do pop up. We don’t expect the Team Speak server to be treated like a library. Members who are found to be out of hand will always be asked nicely to address the situation, repeat offenders will usually get multiple warnings, and in extreme cases, members will get removed from the channel, or receive a temporary global mute.

As always, if you have any queries or comments, please contact a staff member, either on Team Speak, or via the web Private Message system.
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