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#13386258 Aug 08, 2017 at 10:54 AM · Edited 5 months ago
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We are not a 'grinding crew'. We obviously allow grinding, but that's not the focus of this crew. If grinding is all you want to do, please find a new home.

As explained in all of our recruitment threads out there, as well as clearly explained in the 'basic introduction' that every Recruit receives when being promoted to Muscle.

Solid Points offers many other events and activities than just grinding. Making money is an important part of the game, and we are not a poor-man's crew. Therefore obviously grinding is allowed. Whenever there's a nice update I even grind myself (when I ever find time for it).

However, if you don't care about anything else that this crew offers, then you're in the wrong place. If you don't have any interest in either the events, random playlists and meets, mafia-themed Family, or anything else this crew facilitates, then it's safe to say you're in the wrong place.
#13386726 Aug 08, 2017 at 05:43 PM
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Personally, I feel you are doing yourself a great disservice by not taking part in the aforementioned. I don't know if people are shy or what but just take the plunge and you'll find out the events are a blast and a great way to socialize/bond and make new friends. And to do it with people you might never otherwise never have an excuse to play with other than on a boring and very impersonal coke or bunker sale. Same goes for random playlists and the likes. I've heard people complain that they aren't good at racing or deathmatch or w/e. Well anyone who has played much with me knows I suck at both but I still have a good laugh and make some fun memories. I even have ongoing jokes and silly little rivalry with other bad racers/shooters who shall remain nameless :P

Just my 2 cents.
#13391285 Aug 11, 2017 at 01:01 PM
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Well there is a difference between doing the Pac Standard for a few days in a row and logging in just to do it. I mean, when I bought some businesses before my holiday I got some help from DJToone, Kidblunderbuss, and r0ss021 to get my cash flowing again. We did the Pac Standard a few times, got hell of a laugh doing it and after we just got back to the regular bussines activities in free roam.

That is what this crew should be about - getting to know eachother, having a laugh together, but not doing only one form of activity. It's all about the events which are super fun, but if you can play different modes and make a mark of yourself in the crew - that's spot on. As long as you're not abusing the crew for your own advantages, like some people do.
#13391335 Aug 11, 2017 at 01:40 PM
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This is my first serious crew where events are regularly created, all the other ones were focused on grinding and I can tell you that: grinding gets boring quite fast and, once people get bored, they start leaving.

To me, two things that bring life to the crew are having fun in the TS and the creative events. My only regret is not being able to join them all.

Keep it up dudes!
#13391661 Aug 11, 2017 at 05:51 PM
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In a sense you are spitting in the face of the event creators, by saying "no thanks, I'd rather grind xyz which I can do anytime (hell I do it all the time anyway), instead of joining the event you took hours to come up with, invent, post about, actually show up to host and drop into the freeroam channel to personally invite me. I can't be bothered to check the website for your event much less sign up for it. Gotta make that $$$ 24x7 so that I my garages overflow!"

OK maybe I am exaggerating just a little but you get the point now, don't you? Event creating takes time and effort, and the coordinators deserve all the respect and support we can give them.

No event at the time, or no more room in the event? Grind away to your hearts content.
In Bruce We Trust?
#13392665 Aug 12, 2017 at 01:36 PM
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Well I realized how much staff members put in when preparing an event during the last event hosted by Fulk, which was just a simple photoshoot. Or at least should be a simple photoshoot. So I totally get the idea of you guys sacrificing your time in real life to prepare all of it and then getting angry when people screw around (like the last time mentioned) or just do not show up, although they are online in a heist room. From what I know, this crew started as a heist crew, but since we have so many creative events made by our staff it is clear to me that we should be participating in them, rather then sitting in free roam, or even the heist rooms. Specially that free roam and can get boring real quick for some people and a deathmatch, race, rally or just a photoshoot filled with silly ideas is way more fun.
#13392961 Aug 12, 2017 at 07:17 PM
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For my part, on this topic, I do struggle to attend events because of my play schedule. I also arrived slightly late to the party with GTAV in that I joined SOPO within two weeks of first picking up the game.

I've done a lot of grinding in my time here; I have an MMO background so the input/payoff ratio is something I'm used to. However, my goal is to simply achieve my own standard of "end-game" if you like.

To elaborate, my end-game is:

- All CEO stuff (check)
- MC with Coke/Meth (check)
- Fully upgraded bunker (check)
- My favourites cars in each class I like (check, very short list)
- All MK II weapons (TBA)
- Hydra (TBA)
- Fully upgraded MOC (TBA)

Once I'm there, I'm only gonna grind when I need to. I enjoy helping others out with their stuff as much as I enjoy making my own money too. Once I'm where I'd like to be, I'll hopefully find more fun stuff to do with others when I am online, like playlists, FR events, stunts and all sorts. I'd love to drop what I'm doing for events but the unfortunate fact is that even though I can start a lot of them, as many of you know, I can rarely finish them.

It's also why I try to support the crew in other ways, outside of the game. Solid Points really means a lot to me, it's probably the best gaming experience I've ever had and keeping the community cohesive, friendly and loyal is my main priority and I will, to the best of my ability, jealously defend it's interests regardless of chromed Stirling GT's and explosive rounds.

Medication time I think.



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