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Given we are all glorious PC gamers, why not join our Steam Group? Most of us play the game from Steam, or at least have it linked, but you may not be aware of the advantages that being a SOPO Steam Group member has:

Event Reminders

All events listed on our Events Page are replicated on the Steam Group Events Page. When you're logged in, you'll get a reminder that the event is starting!


There is, apparently, more to gaming than just GTA. If you're looking to broaden your horizons with like-minded crew members, then the Steam Group is the best place to start! Also a great way of staying in touch with crew members; Steam Chat is available both on the application itself and it's mobile variants, so keep in touch wherever you are!

See What's What

Not sure if it's a good time to play? The Steam Group displays when fellow group members are in game; if you're looking for peace and quiet or a rowdy riot the counter shows who's online and who's in game to plan your sessions

Original Content

I am currently working with staff members on regular features such as event highlights, interviews and other original content to show a "public face" of the group. Effectively, this will turn the group into a sort of newsletter for members and also to provide information for prospective recruits. Currently this is limited to "In the Crosshairs", our weekly interview spot, and "Los Santos Lowdown", the highlights posts. This is still a work in progress so some collaborations/suggestions are always welcome!

The group is invite only, in-keeping with our "No Randoms" ethos so if you wanna join contact Fulk, Kat, Bruce, Jordan or myself and we'll get you setup!

Go easy Soaps!

- VV

P.S. The only condition of joining the group is that you register on the pinned registration thread. Fill in the damn thing or I won't be responsible for my actions. Which will of course be limited to internet-related things so kind of an empty threat. Let's just go with "please" ;)


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