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Cards Against Humanity/Movie Night

Date: Feb 10, 2018
Time: 11:00 PM
Posted by: RusATiLa
Category: Casual
Hey Fellas, do y'all want to get rowdy,
Well, this event is then for you.
We are getting cold ones and we are getting the boys(or any other type of human) together.
I'm setting up a room for us to play some cards. And we loudly crack open our cold ones into the mic (yes, its a tradition).
These aren't your standard cards, I am talking about though.
These are Cards Against Humanity(Movies Edition).
It is a game of fill in the blank that can go wrong real fast(in a good way),
and you can get a ton of goofs and gafs.

Now after all said and done we might get that spool reel a twist, pull out some leftover popcorn and catch some flicks on our screens by using a syncing website that was discovered by MuddyJaw allowing us to watch a movie all together and all friendly like.

*Now this is a voluntary input: you could go to this website and pick some decks you would like to see in game. Just copy the code (its made up of five characters, example: 29UGA) and paste it into the comments for this event(Movie related decks please).
Prime Time: 11PM


Might have to work early on Sunday, so going to be a maybe for now.

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