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Story Mode Themed Missions

Date: Feb 08, 2018
Time: 11:00 PM
Posted by: RusATiLa
Category: Mixed Playlist
Story Mode Themed Missions

What: Hey guys, so you know how I made about 25 missions imitating single player ones, well now we get randomly pick some of those missions and play them without any specific order. So this will be a randomized assortment of jobs, including Deathmatches, Races, LTS and Captures. If people will have suggestion, i will gladly integrate the useful ones so that the missions can be more fun.
When: 11PM and just in case you cant make it, do not worry for this will be a reoccurring event and hopefully at different times. Just in case, you all are welcome to check out my creations as well as the creations of over event staff members on the Rockstar website, by adding them to your bookmarked jobs directly there on the website.
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I'd like to attend but this is far too late for me sadly - but as you say, there will be more of these :)
Fuck yes! I love these!

Everyone sign up NOW! 😁
These missions are usually fun, but I'm not sure whether I'll be there.
Need to wake up for work 7h after it starts, so if I attend I won't get much sleep (something I really need these days).
Yeah I gotta have to skip out on this one.
Slept only for a few hours last night (morning) and gotta wake up early for work tomorrow.

These jobs are pretty fun though, recommend 'em.
Yeah it falls at 6am on a work day for me so I'll have to join on the next one.
Probably could have made this as its 10am here on a weekday here I think and I am lucky to have very flexible work hours, but didn't know about it. Any way to invite me directly to the next one??
Best thing you can do is check the website (preferably once every 1-2 days or so).
Events tend to be put up at least 2-3 days in advance, sometimes even longer. :)

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