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Monster Trucks

Date: Feb 04, 2018
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: KAIDOUdib
Category: Mixed Playlist

Monster Trucks

It's time to bring out those FAT 'MERICAN CARS and use them for races captures and more!

Date: Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Countdown Timer: CLICK HERE

1. Monster Trucks Meet:

Vehicles: you can either bring a marshall or a liberator(500,000$)you don't have the money to buy one? don't worry you can still join the playlist or be the runner in the free roam activity

Clothing: a racing outfit or a typical redneck outfit that you would expect in a Demolition Derby

Location: sandy shores junkyard

2. Free Roam Activity:

one of the participents will get in a random npc car while the others try to ram him over

3. Playlist:

A playlist that consists of races captures and more!



I wont be able to make this one, but I am concerned that the vehicle requirements may limit the amount of participants with the price tag at $500k (if I remember correctly)

Just a thought....
True. Maybe change the free roam meet to monster trucks and big vehicles or vehicles with big wheels (trophy truck, donk + offroad wheels lol).
it doesn't matter if all the participants have the vehicle since they can be the runner in the Free Roam Activity and they don't need to own one to join the playlist.
No worries, it was just a thought 😋. May want to put that somewhere on the event page though, as to not discourage people who don't own the vehicle from attending...
@Kaidou: I forgot to give away a key in yesterday's event. Shall we add it to the playlist of your event?
yea sure
Let me know who won (whether you decide the giveaway by playlist points or do it random). I need to take a break tonight.

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