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CHARGE! Assault the compound!

Date: Feb 01, 2018
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: UncleDouk
Category: Mixed Playlist

CHARGE! Assault the compound!

Duck in and out of cover as you try to overthrow your rivals and take control over the strongholds! Are you going to play it safe? Use cover to your advantage and slowly take out opponents to tip the scales in your favor before your team siezes the compound? Or are you going in guns blazing, relying on your superior training and the element of surprise to overwhelm them? The choice is yours, just as long as you succeed!

Date: Thursday, February 1st, 2018.

Countdown Timer: CLICK HERE

1) 32 players max.
2) Different rules may apply to certain maps. Please pay attention during the event!


1. Free roam meet up:

*don't forget to wear your best assault outfit! (think heavily armored, military, but in your prefered style)

2. Playlist:

Playlist consisting of some team deathmatches, last team standing and capture maps revolving around the theme of storming and taking bases, compounds and facilities.
All the maps are custom made so if you have any feedback send me a message on TS or the website after the event!



This looks awesome
You better believe it brother!
Oh and note the time, it's at 9PM (GMT+1) instead of the regular 8PM.
Follow the link to see a countdown so you can easily check the time for your own timezone!
And for those who didn't know - you can set your timezone for the calendar in your account settings.
(in case it's different than GMT +1)
I'm very much looking forward to this
It's gonna be a literal blast!
It's gonna be a literal blast!
Wish I could make it, too much work on this week unfortunately :(
No worries man.
If you end up getting some time don't forget it's totally fine to drop in during the event as well. :)
Wont be able to join this time.

I'll wait for the next CHARGE!! 😁
Alrighty dude, I'll try to do one in a weekend I have free in the future. :)
Out of curiousity does a baby's head (aka Cupid) mask count as a heavy military outfit? I mean you said in my preffered style....
+20 style points -50 visibility -50 armor

It's military with your own flair so a mask is fine if there rest of your outfit is military themed.
One or two pieces of flair with a military outfit is exactly what I meant. :)
Can’t attend. Need to do some makeup work for missing three days of school and would rather not do it at night.

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