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Doomsday Reunion

Date: Jan 12, 2018
Time: 10:00 PM
Posted by: Fulkinini
Category: Special Event

Doomsday Reunion

Had enough time to purchase one of those new Doomsday vehicles?
You'd better.. Because we're going to have an event with 'em!

Date: Friday, 12 January, 2018

Countdown Timer: CLICK HERE

1. Gathering:

* Vehicles:
Any vehicle of the Doomsday Heist DLC.
Click here for a list of all Doomsday vehicles.

* Clothing:
Apocalypse-proof clothing, or just anything that was added in the DLC.

* Location:

2. Chaos and Destruction:

Military Escort
One player is appointed VIP and has a bounty put on his head. He needs to travel all the way across the map and only has one life. His bodyguards and the attacking team have unlimited lives. Will the VIP make it to the extraction point?

Team Survival
Two teams again, a survival with our combat vehicles. Everyone has one life this time. No weapon rules. Off-radar not allowed.

A bunch of maps that are based on teamwork and mayhem ;)



PS: If you don't own any of the new vehicles, you can still join the event, of course. Some vehicles have extra gunner seats for example.
CookiesChef decided to add a prize to the event! A pretty popular game actually: Rust.
At the end of the event we will put all names (of those who want) in a draw to randomly pick a winner.
First week back is a lot busier than I though, so I'm gonna have to sit this one out, again :(
Will try to be there, hopefully R* realises I have internet this time -.-
I might be showing up late. I have an appointment after work and I'll be on when I get home.
One day delay, but congrats to Rus for winning the game Rust! (provided by CookiesChef ^^)

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